Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Predictions 2013...Part One.

As this blog will be an eternal record of my betting shame, John Hovis will now display tremendous fortitude by projecting his tennis predictions for the 2013 season. Starting on the back foot, I will say that making predictions of a whole year in tennis is stupidly difficult as injury, form and illness distort the season as it progresses. If necessary J.H will amend his predictions at will throughout the season. There's NOTHING you can do about it at all.
The season will be split into three; the first two slams, the second two THEN random others scattered like my first serve across the court.

AUSTRALIAN OPEN - Men - Andy Murray /  WOMEN - Serena Williams
FRENCH OPEN - Men - Rafa Nadal /  WOMEN - Serena Williams

During the first half of the season I believe that DJOKOVIC will win the majority of clay tournaments including Madrid. MILOS RAONIC will win at least one ATP title. KEI NISHIKORI will win at least one ATP title. I also predict that Spain will lose early in the Davis Cup.

End of part one.

 Here's another of my Wimbledon photos from 2012.
Jo Wilfred Tsonga on the practise court. I predict another poor year from the big man.

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