Sunday, 20 January 2013

Aussie Open Mid Point Thoughts.

Very little to say which hasn't already been said many times elsewhere across the globe. Top seeds hammering through the draw, with one exception...John Hovis invested many hours of his life watching one of his favourite players today. Stan the Man took the kitchen sink and chucked it at the Djoker and can't believe he lost. When watching the top seeds play foes from outside the top five, one knows deep in one's soul how it will end; it's a tragedy of modern tennis. Stan wasn't merely a victim of a final laspe of self-belief: he was a victim of circumstance. He outplayed his opponent on the whole and forced Djokovic to do what sickens me to death about what tennis has become in the age of Nole and Nadal: grind, defend and grind some more.
Stan tired badly which probably cost him the final points against the ludicrously fit Djoko. The real sickener for me was the poor call on break point with Djokovic serving at 4-4 final set. It turns out the ball WAS IN. Stan should have been serving for the match. That's not to say he would have won...although it would have changed the delicate momentum of the match.
All is done now. The effort should have a detrimental effect on Djokovic. Berdych must take advantage if he is to be taken seriously as a top ten player. Murray will be chortling, especially as he is playing Simon who himself states that he doesn't expect to win due to his tiredness following his own marathon match.
Tennis is a cruel sport. My sadness for Stan has yet to evaporate and the punch in the guts I received at the conclusion had yet to subside. Very grudging congrats to Nole...however, Stan's play at times was sublime. The laser-like single-handed backhand is a thing of true beauty. He's a player's player. If he can become more consistent throughout matches and believe in the manner of a Djokovic, Stan could reach the top ten this season.
The only thing left to say is...speed up the courts and banish the grinders!

Here are some short highlights of the best match of the Aussie Open 2013 thus far...

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