Monday, 31 December 2012

Top Three Matches of 2012.

In the immortal words of Captain Barnacles, let's do this.

2012 was an interesting year for tennis. Blue clay, new slam winners, record breaking matches, a Scottish grand slam champion. Not a vintage year...just interesting. Courts are still too slow, grinders on top, power winning over aesthetic pleasure.

Anyway. John Hovis will now begin his speedy review of the tennis year. Let me know if you disagree (which you will).

Top Three Matches of 2012

3. Murray v Djokovic, U.S. Open final. An exciting encounter which led to many bleary eyes across Scotland. I chucked it after set four due to extreme fatigue. I also expected Murray to chuck it as usual. Wrong again. The rest is history. This wasn't a classic match (two sluggers rattling away from the back of the court) and it was scrappy in places. It was an exciting match...hence my number 3.

2. Federer v Del Potro, Olympic semi-final. Although Olympic tennis is relatively meaningless despite what the UK media will tell you (repeatedly), Fed really wanted a singles medal. As did Delpo. This match really marked his true return from injury. Fed left it all on court, physically and emotionally. The 19-17 final set was tennis at it highest quality. Sadly, it all but handed Murray the gold medal.

1. Rosol v Nadal, Wimbledon round 2. Forget the nonsense about Nadal not being fit. This game was won by Rosol in a crazy shot making performance. Everything he hit was pure gold in the final two sets. Stupidly exciting and a shattering explosion in the tennis world. The biggest upset for years.

Honourable mentions...Fed v Murray, Wimbledon final...the best tennis played on the tour all year, Fed's performance in the final two sets was jaw-dropping. As was his tennis in the London ATP semi-final. Nadal v Djoko at the Aussie Open gets no mention from me. It was a very long match, sadly felt twice as long as it actually was. Boring grinding from the two slowest players on the tour. I would like to mention the Shanghai final, which was good, as was the crazy Cilic v Querrey encounter at Wimbledon. I may be mentioning that match because I was there, for all five and a half hours. Another great match of the year took place at the same time, Fed v Benneteau.

There you have it. Best matches of the year. Although I may change my mind tomorrow...

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